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A large selection of hand reared parrots and parakeets in stock.

We have a wide range of:

  •   Hand reared birds

  •   Cages and aviary equipment

  •   Bird seed, food and accessories for your birds

Call today for further information:

Our livestock can change on a daily basis and we can’t always get on to make changes. So to avoid disappointment please call ahead to ensure we have what you are looking for.

african grey hibu copy

African grey parrots are one of our most popular birds. We get in amazing hand reared babies which make sweet little, loving pets. We have years of expertise in bird care, handling, behaviour and health. We pride ourselves on the after care of our birds and their owners. We are here 7 days a week to help with anything as best as we can.

bluecrownedconure hibu ready

All of our parrots are hand reared and very tame, although some do need a firmer hand than others as they can be very confident and bossy when they want to be. We mostly get in babies which make the best pets however we do on occasion have older birds which are looking for new, loving, forever homes. Birds leaving the shop go out ready for their new owners, fully weaned and with best advice we can provide for the individual bird and owner.

Here we have a blue crowned conure having some rearing formula and generally making a mess.