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Small animals from Adlington Pet Centre

One of the North West's largest independent retailers of pets and accessories.

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We have a wide range of animals to choose from including:

  •   Gerbils

  •   Hamsters

  •   Rabbits

  •   Rats and much more!

Our livestock can change on a daily basis and we can’t always get on to make changes. So to avoid disappointment please call ahead to ensure we have what you are looking for.

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We try to keep a good selection of small animals for you to choose from. Varying species and colours are generally available so you get the pet that best suits you.


We have our breeders that we deal solely with, this does limit what we are available to get in but it means that we get the best quality pets for you.

They are not over bred like those in some larger pet store chains, they are well handled even before they come to us, we get a good life span from our animals and we know the history of the animals we have in store. We strive to have the best pets available for you and your family.