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Birds are undoubtedly wonderful pets for everybody! This is due in great part to the wide range of personalities found in aviary birds. They are equally suitable for children, the elderly, and everyone in between. 

We are fortunate that we have birds for many types of personalities and lifestyles. Conures, for example, are incredibly loving birds who enjoy being handled and will find a home in your family. Others, such as finches or parakeets, prefer to spend their time alone or with others of their species.

We ensure the finest possible quality of life for our animals at Adlington Pet Centre Ltd, both while in our care and after they go home with you. That is why we make every effort to match the perfect bird with the right person.

Family Friendly

Pets Used To Being Handled

Livestock Changes on a Daily Basis

Our Aviary Birds Livestock

We stock a large variety of species of birds, and have the ability to source the majority of species on request.

Finches: Zebra Finches, Silverbills, Bengalese Finches, Star Finches, Hecks Grass Finches, Cut Throat Finches, Gouldian Finches
: Baby Budgies, Adult Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Kakarikis, Turquosines
Canaries: Fifes, Spanish Raza, Red Factors, Diamorphic
Others: Java Sparrows, Quail, Diamond Doves

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Native to Australia, one of the smallest members of the parakeet family. A little known fact is budgies can learn to speak and mimic sounds. Easy to tame, friendly and affectionate… making the ideal first pet bird.


Native to Australia, a member of the parakeet family. These birds thrive on attention and love spending time with their human. One of the most popular pet bird species as they are easy to tame than many other species.

Red Factor

Native to Venezuela, Colombia, and Guyana, are now endangered species. Red Factor’s are an easy pet to keep, but difficult to breed. Gentle birds who don’t like being handled and prefer time alone in their cage.

Zebra Finch

Native to Australia, the Zebra Finch have been family pets for over a century! They mature in 80 days, one of the fastest maturing birds known to man. Highly active, chirpy, and usually prefer their own company.

Family Friendly

Birds Raised by Hand

Check our bird room, we have hundreds of species!

We Supply Hand Reared Birds, Food & Accessories

One of the friendliest pets you can have been a hand-reared/raised bird.  They are soft, gentle, and easy to handle because they were raised by hand. Hand-reared birds are fed and nurtured by people, resulting in tame and human-oriented birds. 

We provide a complete range of bird supplies & advice including the cage, dietary information, play stands, bird seeds and pellets and our aftercare service are second to none should you require it.

Birds are the best pets ever; they are intelligent, each one has its personality, and our youngsters genuinely want to spend as much time as possible with you. 

Livestock Changes on a Daily Basis

Our Hand Reared Bird Livestock

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Green Cheeck Conures

Green Check Conures, native to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia & Paraguay, are the smallest conures. Commonly with maroon tail feathers, living in pairs or flocks of 10-20. They are shy but affectionate birds.

African Grey

Native to Central Africa, the African Grey is the largest parrot in Africa. They are social animals and when hand reared by us, we can promise you they are used to being handled, friendly and affectionate.

Caiques Parrots

Caiques Parrots, native to South America, are average size parrot with short tails & a bigger body. Although they don’t speak words like other parrots do, they are very playful & energetic animals that often chirp and whistle.


Native to Central Africa, the African Grey is the largest parrot in Africa. They are social animals and when hand reared by us, we can promise you they are used to being handled, friendly and affectionate.

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