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We understand how wonderful reptiles can be as pets. When you come into our store, we will guide you through everything you need to know about correctly setting up your reptile in your home so it may live its best life. Our livestock can include:

Veiled/Yemen Chameleons – Tortoises – Gargoyle Geckos – Royal Pythons – Crested Geckos – Leopard Geckos – Corn Snakes – Hognoses – Frogs – Pacman Frogs – Turtles – Map Turtles – Bearded Dragons and more…

Adlington Pet Centre provides you with the greatest food, nutritional supplements, and other accessories to keep your reptiles happy and healthy.

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Our Reptile Range

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Yemen Chameleon

Native to the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen Chameleon is a fantastic pet. Can be allowed out of vivarium to roam for periods of time.

Bearded Dragon

Native to Australia, the bearded dragon prefer arid, dry areas such as deserts. They are likely one of the most relaxed reptiles on the planet.

Corn Snake

Native to North America, they are nocturnal animals and seek cover during the day. They are general docile animals and easy to care for. Cornsnakes are not venomous, and rarely bite making great pets for first time snake owners.


A Tortoise requires a reasonable amount of maintenance, have a very long life-span but are incredibly interesting animals. The decision to get a Tortoise should not be taken lightly, but is an incredibly rewarding experience!

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